At Living Hope Alliance Church we have a unique and simple approach to discipleship, where together we are learning to love God in Solitude, Cell and Celebration, and love our world. We do this by sinking deeply into a small portion of scripture for a full week in a variety of ways - through our daily solitude time with God, at our Celebration Service and in our cell group meetings. This way of studying God's Word allows us to meditate on and hear God speak to our hearts in personal and intimate ways.

The cell group is a vital and integral part of this process. It is a small community of believers (between 4 -12) who meet together weekly for fellowship, support and accountability. The first part of the meeting is focused on sharing how God has been speaking to each person as they have meditated on His Word in Solitude and in the Celebration Service. The second part of the cell group meeting is focused on accountability, men with men and women with women, where each person considers how God's personal word to them will impact their life in the upcoming week. This is shared with the group who will pray for, encourage and hold one-another accountable to live out what God has impressed on our hearts. Life transformation happens in this ethos of honest sharing, accountability and prayer.

To start the process of joining a cell group, contact Pastor Jeff Dykxhoorn.