On Sunday Feb. 22nd the voting membership of Living Hope Alliance Church voted in favour of incorporating the theological anchors into the Core Values for our Church.

There are three theological anchors. Each of these "anchors" has been given a separate web page.  On each web page you can download all of the documentation that is relevant to each "anchor" by clicking on the blue letters.

Anchor 1 – Concerning the Bible:

This anchor addresses the veracity and trustworthiness of Scripture and outline how to properly read and extract truth from the Word of God.  

Anchor 2 – Concerning Biblical Headship:

This anchor more clearly explains Living Hope Alliance Church's 6th Core Value - Godly Constituted Headship. 

Anchor 3 – Concerning Morality:

This anchor addresses issues concerning marriage and the family.  The specific documents included in this anchor are extracted directly from the Manual of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Given that we are part of the C & MA in Canada these documents already govern our church.